Criminal Laws

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Criminal Laws

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
-Martin Luther King

Our Criminal Litigation practice is built on the strength of a team that is not only at the cutting edge of legal knowledge and research skills, but equally has mastered the art of advocacy and cross-examination.

The team prides itself on its diversity and in-depth experience, thus enabling us to consistently deliver the best results. We represent clients across various forums and practice areas ranging from the inquiry & investigation stage right up to the Supreme Court of India, playing a dual role of solicitor and counsel, thus setting us apart from other litigating firms in India.

We have successfully represented our clients in various courts and tribunals in Delhi NCR and across the country as well. Our team consists of some of the best criminal lawyers who have successfully represented our clients in high-stake cases dealing with issues such as criminal trial, quashing of firs, bails, defamation cases, insider trading and market manipulation, white-collar crimes, economic offences, dishonour of cheques, prevention of corruption act, narcotics and drugs violation etc.